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About Patrice Nichole

Patrice Nichole (Rios), celebrating a stellar 15-year career and honoring a decade of invaluable experience as co- founder of Troo Designs – Kitchens Baths Interiors, proudly steps into her exciting new chapter, aiming to redefine curated interiors and tailored cabinetry with her signature style and expertise.

Patrice Nichole’s educational background at the University of Detroit Mercy earned her a Master’s Degree in Architecture, providing the foundation for her remarkable career in architectural design. With an illustrious portfolio featuring projects across the globe, her design journey began with an international leap as she ventured into crafting luxury hotels in Shanghai, where she not only experienced significant creative growth but also developed a profound appreciation for hospitality design.

The exposure to diverse design philosophies and an array of cultures (having lived in Los Angeles, Houston, New York, Detroit, Mexico City, Toronto, and China) became a driving force for her future endeavors, emphasizing the critical importance of seamlessly coordinated experiences and meticulous attention to detail across various disciplines in her work.

Patrice’s unique approach of combining her expertise of interiors, architecture, and cabinetry distinguishes her in the industry enabling her to contribute to a multitude of projects. This unique focus results in immersive and memorable experiences for those who interact with her designs, establishing her as a sought-after multidisciplinary designer.


At Patrice Nichole Studio we are dedicated to curated interiors and tailored cabinetry with exquisite craftsmanship, sophistication, and bold ideas. With high-level artisans and a global perspective honed through diverse cultural experiences, we will push boundaries in the residential and hospitality design industry.

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